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    MVP Partying Guidelines

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    MVP Partying Guidelines

    Post by Wild Wolf Joerger on Fri May 13, 2016 2:09 pm

    Hey everyone!

    I'm here today to try and devise a method to avoid any issues with cooperative MVP hunting. I believe what I have below is a fair method of item sharing among hunters in the same party. Here are some guidelines I've sketched out for people MVP'ing together:

    General MVP rules:
    a. No more than 5-7 players in the MVP party at a time. This is to make sure that the profit is actually worthwhile.
    b. If the MVP party is full and more people want to join, you must wait until someone becomes inactive (goes AFK, stops hunting) or logs out. The MVP party leader will kick that person from the party and invite any new people who want to join. THIS IS A FIRST-COME, FIRST-SERVED POLICY. Please be patient and wait in line. If you want to form a secondary MVP party to help scout MVPs we do not have the times of you are more than welcome. If you don't want to do that, please just farm or do other things since we do NOT want to compete with guildmates.
    c. Mostly-geared (details on what is "mostly-geared" in my next post) champs, creators, and snipers should make up the majority of the party. We have room for 1 High Wizard if there is no active sniper to help clear trash mobs. We have room for 1 Paladin for Devotion purposes only if there is heavy competition at FBH or if we are hunting in lhz_dun03.
    d. As soon as the MVP is defeated and any competition saw it die, leave the map IMMEDIATELY. If we kill the MVP WITHOUT anyone else seeing it and there IS competition, please continue warping around the map to "troll" them as long as there is not another MVP up.

    Profit sharing rules:
    a. The player who announces that a MVP is up and the map on which it spawns gets a claim on the loot.
    b. The player who is the first to find said MVP and share the coordinates with the guild gets a claim on the loot. If you are player who has a claim from guideline #1, you do not get any "more" of a claim.
    c. Any players who respond to the call and deal damage to the MVP gets a claim on the loot. This is verified by the hunters who were already at the MVP; be sure to pay attention to what your fellow hunters are doing.
    d. Any players who were ACTIVELY scouting the map yet were not able to arrive to the MVP in time get a share in the loot. You can't just show up and idle there and expect a hand out.
    e. If the MVP drops valuable loot (cards, quest items, etc.) each player who has a claim on the loot has one of the following options:

    1. Pass - You forfeit any right to the items and allow other people to take it.
    2. Split the item equally - The item can either be sold and the items/tokens/zeny received must be split evenly among those with a claim. If that is not applicable for the specific item or a player with a claim desires the item so badly, a fair trade must be agreed upon so everyone who has a claim can benefit from the hunt.

    In order to make sure that everyone has reported what item(s) they have received, you must be in the same party as them and make sure that the "Party Members Obtained Item Message Display" option is ticked "ON" in your Battle Log. To do this, click the "+" sign next to the ">>" sign above your chat box and find that option. THIS IS CRUCIAL TO ENSURE THAT ALL HUNTERS ARE BEING HONEST.

    These guidelines have worked well for me on other servers and different games that I have played throughout the year. Let me know what you think about the above and we can tweak them as necessary.

    MVP Tracker

    One of the most valuable tools our guild benefits from is an up-to-date MVP Tracker. Please check the tracker when you log in to see what MVP spawns you can kill, and also help to keep the tracker updated when you kill an MVP.

    Since we do not want MVP information leaked to people outside of our guild, I have created a tracker that will only be shared with people who are trustworthy and loyal to our guild's growth. In order to get the tracker information, you must either: 1) Be an established member of our guild (i.e., active for more than one week), 2) OR have shown interest in joining our guild for at least two weeks, 3) AND/OR have hunted with one of our MVP groups at least five times and followed all guidelines.

    These restrictions are only to lessen the chances of this information being leaked, not to ostracize anyone in our guild. Our previous tracker's information has been leaked and I, for one, am tired of competition showing up EXACTLY when our timers are up, so this is why I have created these rules for the new tracker information.

    Please message me or any of the more senior members of the guild in-game or through the forums if you wish to get the tracker information.

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